學歷:英國愛丁堡大學 TESOL 英語教學碩士

中籍教師,Fong 有著豐富的教學熱忱與經驗,目前任教於國立交通大學英文講師,曾任職訓局開設國際商務英文課程講師及任教於台北各大著名補習班。Fong 以學生為中心的互動式教學法,讓學生在輕鬆的氣氛中自然而然的開口練習英文。活潑有趣的英文教學,讓學生們擺脫傳統英文教學法,不再害怕上英文課。Fong擅於啟發並鼓勵學生開口說英文,讓許多學生重拾對英文的信心,讓學生在短時間內提升英文能力。


Education: TESOL MSc, The University of Edinburgh (UK)
Teaching Qualification: Business English Certificate, TESOL (Aus), TESOL (US)
Classes: TOEIC, Business, Conversation, Grammar
Teaching Experience: 7+ years

Fong’s great enthusiasm for English has helped her to develop into a very successful teacher with over 7 years’ experience. She is currently on staff as a lecturer at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, has taught professional Business English courses for the Taiwan Vocational Training Bureau, and has worked for many well-known English schools in Taipei.

Fong has a very interactive approach to teaching, creating a relaxed atmosphere for students in which to practice their speaking. Her active, fun and modern teaching style encourages students of all levels to participate fully in the learning process, building confidence and allowing them to improve quickly.

Whether Business English, TOEIC or Grammar classes, Fong provides students with time to discuss and interact with each other, ensuring an enjoyable and productive learning environment.